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& Eggplants

The internet has long been our go-to space to learn, share, or calm our nerves, especially when it comes to taboo topics like *ahem* sex.

Let’s be honest-- When we have questions about our sexual health “Dr.Google” is our first responder, though not always a great one!

HIV, eh?

The rate of new HIV diagnoses has increased in Canadian youth over the last decade.

Why are Canadians unaware?
Where is the space for youth to ask questions and gain knowledge? And, where is the open platform for someone who has just found out they have HIV?

1 in 5 Canadians
living with HIV
are not aware
they are HIV+

WOW, that felt good

Every now and then when we f***, we get f****d over. When we do, we want reliable content and resources that we can relate to.

We feature real-life information from doctors, people living with HIV, activists and community members that will help you take care of your health.


We’re your friends with benefits. LiveLifeLoving is not judgy (but we can be sassy)! We aren’t here to tell you what is right, but how to do “it” right.

Not your
basic B****

Our goal is to provide youth from Canada and all over the world with an opportunity to share knowledge, resources, stories, and videos to help bring important sex-related health issues to light.  

Need Help?

We all need help at some point. Whether you or a loved one were just diagnosed with HIV, love to have sex, use recreational drugs, or are just curious.

Need Help? is all about providing immediate, accurate, and easy-to-understand information that you’ll need whenever you’re going to, well... NEED HELP.

I just found out I’m HIV+

If you just found out you are HIV-positive, we want to make this moment as manageable as possible. We offer help through short, easy to understand information, stories and advice from others who have, “been there, done that”.

My partner/friend just found out

It is important to support and know how to best cope with a friend, who is now living with HIV. It’s also important to get yourself tested and learn how to have a safer sexual relationship with each other.

I have a lot of sex

Sex is alluring (from vanilla to kinky) and having lots of it, is even better. It is important to know how to protect yourself and your partner(s) so that you can continue to love yourself and others.

I love to PnP

Some call it chemsex, Party & Play, or just, high and horny. Whatever you take to get your night (or day) going, there’s always a way to prevent passing/getting HIV. We’re not here to judge-- just here to keep the party going (safely).

The Youth-HIV Library

There is a ton of information about HIV that you can access online, but it’s often too long, too sciency, or too vague.

Where are you going to find the answers to a super-specific, niche question? The Youth-HIV library, of course!

The Youth-HIV Library organizes and simplifies all of the most up-to-date content about HIV in a way that won’t put you to sleep. From text, to pictures, videos and stories, we know this will be the most interesting and easy to navigate library you’ve ever visited!

5000 … and growing

We want young people to ask as many questions as they want so that we're not just helping them find the answers they need, but molding our content to cater to those who need it most.

AI-Driven Design

Meaning? Whenever you ask a question, our bots are working to provide you with additional information that is relevant to what you’ve asked.

Dating & Sex

It’s our e-magazine, not a dating site (though we can hook you up)! From how-to guides and dating advice, to techniques to prevent STIs and stigma reduction, we’re here to talk about everything to do with dating and sex.

And we know, LiveLifeLoving will be much more interesting than your Phys Ed. teacher’s slideshow.

& Prevention

Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate - WTF!? LiveLifeLoving simplifies the science behind your medication and lab results. Our goal is to help you understand what you’re taking, how it works, and what to expect from it.

Prevention is never about just one thing. Rather, it is learning to anticipate and plan for activities that put you at risk.

We explore all paths of prevention from condoms and PrEP, to clean needles, crack cocaine or snorting and naloxone kits.

We’re in this

LetsStopAIDS is 100% volunteer-driven! As a skill-building charity, our 300+ volunteers range from secondary school students, young professionals and key change-makers who have an interest in global youth-HIV programmes.

From Melbourne to Lusaka to Kamloops-- We have created an international network of volunteers passionate about youth focused programmes.

Over the past decade, LetsStopAIDS has led numerous local and international programmes and presented at several key conferences, most recently at the virtual AIDS2020 conference.

Our vision is to achieve zero new-HIV infections through knowledge exchange and provide meaningful leadership opportunities to young people affected by HIV.